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Category Archives: DIY crafts

learn blouse cutting method with measurements

Learn blouse cutting method with measurements – Part 1 ( Front)

Ladies blouse  – common wear for south Indian ladies. Specially in all over Tamil Nadu all the ladies prefer this type with different neck style and decoration. Let us learn blouse cutting method with measurements Continue reading Learn blouse cutting method with measurements – Part 1 ( Front)

Back Stitch

Simple embroidery stitches – Back Stitch

When you make your first attempt at embroidery, begin with a simple embroidery stitches –  back stitch. A basic back stitch is most often used as a straight outline stitch. this stitch also forms the base line for other decorative stitches. This stitch also gives a better idea about the colours to be used in the design.

Some of the back stitches are narrow; while others are broad according to the shape of the design. It is necessary to keep the line of the back stitch straight and uniform. If the stitches overlap one another, the design becomes stiff and the shape gets spoiled. Continue reading Simple embroidery stitches – Back Stitch

Pot paintings

Painting pottery

Painting  Pottery is a derivative art form of Ancient Greek Society. Because of its relative durability and attractiveness, this art form spreads around the world and got developed according to the world wide current trend. Terracotta Flower Vase Pot painting is an easy and inexpensive way to revamp your living room as well as an attentive way to personalize your place.
The best part of painting pots is coming up with the designs. We have drawn inspiration for our pots from people, objects, and places around us and we have recognized few design guidelines for our self, For instance we make dark color on the background in order to highlight our design.
Continue reading Painting pottery


How to make Recycled Crafts – Old belt Fancy bracelet !

Hi this is umamageswari signing in as a blogger in I love to blog creative ideas concerning art & craft to the world since which helps me to record my personal skills and technique which I come across in this art & craft field. I like to do craft work specially recycled crafts, the old waste in to a beautiful useful craft because it is inexpensive and a great way to bring out ideas. I have an old belt in my home which is damaged and cannot used I thought of throwing it away. One day when I gone to shopping I saw a thick big bangle made of wood which look same as the belt thickness thus made me to decide not to throw my old damaged belt and to convert it in to a bangle however making a bangle is a very tough because we cannot make a round shape unless it is moulded so I thought of converting it into a bracelet by attaching a Velcro into it. I tried at last it came really well so I would to like to blog this Recycle old belt Fancy bracelet…….. Continue reading How to make Recycled Crafts – Old belt Fancy bracelet !

Crochet mobile pouch

How to make Crochet Mobile Pouch ?

Hi all,

Mobile Phones becomes a part of everyone’s life, To safeguard our mobile phones we use scratch guard, panel etc… But our traditional way to protect our mobile phone is to cover the mobile with a pouch. Pouches can be done in many ways, the cheapest way of doing a mobile pouch is Crocheting using woolen yarn. Crochet mobile pouch is cheap, economic, user-friendly and very easy to wash. Thus we would like to share how making a Crochet Mobile pouch by using a wool yarn with Crochet needle. Continue reading How to make Crochet Mobile Pouch ?


Paper Quilling Shape No 15 – Star

In the last paper Quilling  shape tutorials, we have learned the 14th shape of paper Quilling – Arrow head and the 15th shape of paper Quilling is Star, it looks like Star that’s why it is called Star. Now Let see how making Star, It is very easy to make, for doing this we have to gather this following material. Continue reading Paper Quilling Shape No 15 – Star