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Glass painting

Glass Painting |Shakuntala – lady with swan..

Today we would like to share how to make glass painting. Painting on glass is a labor-intensive effort and an art of painting on the glass with colors and designs. Glass paintings are a decorative item used to decorate your living room. Glass paintings can be used to decorate windows, wall hangings, fish rank, and glass dining table top and so on Glass painting gives you a visual treat to your eyes and it makes your place very gorgeous and pleasant; it changes your environment with pleasure. Now let us see how to make Glass paintings of a Shakuntala with Swan.

Materials Needed

Glass painting material needed






A4 size Glass  – 1 no

A4 size Shakuntala outline image (which we can download it through internet) – 1 no

Glass Outliner- 1 no

Water base Glass color – as per your requirement

How to:

Step 1 – Place a Shakuntala Outline image paper under the transparent glass.

Step 2 – Trace the outline of the Shakuntala image over the glass using the black glass outliner.

Step 3 – Allow the traced outline to dry at least for 10 minutes.

Step 4 – Apply peach color for skin, pink and blue color for dress, black color for hair, brown color for the trunk, red color for the flowers, green color for the leaves and gold color for the ornaments using water base glass color. While applying the color, please make sure that no bubbles appear over it and apply the water base glass color inside the outline which we made so that the look of the portrait would be good.

Step 5 – Allow the applied water base glass color to dry at least for 30 minutes

Step 6 – After the glass color got dried highlight the corner of the dress with the black outliner to have a better effect, then allow it to dry.

Now an attractive glass painting of Shakuntala is ready to admire.

Glass painting

Happy Glass Painting….