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How to make Recycled Crafts – Old belt Fancy bracelet !

Hi this is umamageswari signing in as a blogger in I love to blog creative ideas concerning art & craft to the world since which helps me to record my personal skills and technique which I come across in this art & craft field. I like to do craft work specially recycled crafts, the old waste in to a beautiful useful craft because it is inexpensive and a great way to bring out ideas. I have an old belt in my home which is damaged and cannot used I thought of throwing it away. One day when I gone to shopping I saw a thick big bangle made of wood which look same as the belt thickness thus made me to decide not to throw my old damaged belt and to convert it in to a bangle however making a bangle is a very tough because we cannot make a round shape unless it is moulded so I thought of converting it into a bracelet by attaching a Velcro into it. I tried at last it came really well so I would to like to blog this Recycle old belt Fancy bracelet……..
How To:
Before you start prepare yourself with
 An old used / damaged Belt
 Scissor
 Velcro
 Thread and thick needle
 Round shaped colourful stone
 Leaf shaped colourful stone
 Fabric Glue
 3D Fabric outliner

Materials needed
Materials needed

Start by cutting the belt as per your required measurement of your hand. As this is an old damaged belt, take the best part of it which makes your bracelet to have a good look…

Cut the old belt
Step 1 – Cut the old belt

Then take the Velcro and stitch at the both ends of the belt. As the belt is too hard to stitch take the thick needle otherwise the needle may broke and first make a hole out of it and then stitch it with Velcro, it would very easy to stitch it. Don’t stitch the Velcro at the same side, stitch one part of the Velcro in one side and the other part in the other side thus we can make a bracelet….

Stitch with Velcro
Step 2 – Stitch with Velcro

Next by use of fabric glue and 3D fabric out liner paste the round shaped and leaf shaped colorful stone to make a flower design.

Paste the color stones with Glue
Step 3 – Paste the color stones with Glue
Decorate it with 3D fabric outliner
Step 4 – Decorate it with 3D fabric outliner

Now a recycle old belt fancy bracelet is ready…..
You can maximum 3 bracelets out of one old belt with different designs, I won’t advice you to make the same design pattern you can make your design as per your desire, Make your own design Recycled belt bracelet design….



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