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terracotta jewellery baking 1

DIY | Learn Terracotta jewellery baking methods – Part 2 (a)

In Our Last post We Shared our tutorial session of how to make a terracotta jewellery pendant making and we hope you all would have tried it in your home. Now we will see terracotta jewellery baking tutorial, Terracotta jewellery making has 4 levels now we had finished the first level of how to make the pendant and the second level is how to bake it and the third level is how to paint and the last but not the least is how to make the terracotta jewellery garland making(online Terracotta jewellery making classes).

As this terracotta jewellery making is a lengthy process I further subdividing this Part 2 turtorial sessions into three divisions such as –

  • Part 2 (a) – Terracotta jewellery Pendant baking / Firing
  • Part 2 (b) – Terracotta jewellery pendant Painting
  • Part 2 (c) – Terracotta Jewellery Garland Making

Today lets see Terracotta jewellery baking methods in our Part 2 (a) turtorial session – How to Bake the Terracotta jewellery Pendant which we made in our last session. Actually it is not baking it is firing the clay we made. Firing is the old and the traditional method to burn the bricks, pots,terracotta items etc…. we are using the same method here to bake the jewellery. the firing makes the terracotta jewellery strong and hard. Thus, it wont break or get damaged in the sun or rain Like the bricks, pots or any other terracotta items. Let us begin how to fire it on a small scale at our home.

Supplies needed:

  • Charcoal
  • Wood pellets
  • Coconut shell
  • Kerosene
  • Earthen pot
  • pan / Tawa
  • Terracotta pendant & beads which we made at our last session
    terracotta baking materials
    terracotta baking materials

How To:

Start by taking an earthen pot which should have a wide opening so that it would be easy to fire the terracotta jewellery easily. And then put some coconut shell, wood pellets, charcoal in it, you can also use flammable items such as broken woods, which is available at your home but charcoal is must. then Pour some kerosene over it and fire them. Please be careful while firing, it is advisable to fire them in an open space since firing inside your home is quite dangerous. Thus “Please always keep the hot pot reach out of the children”. It is our humble request please follow the above rules.

Now allow the charcoal to burn until it becomes red hot coal. It would take around 1 to 1.5 hours time to become a red hot coal so please be patience and careful and keep an eye over it. Meanwhile the coal turns red hot, let us place the pan / tawa over the gas stove or an induction stove and preheat the terracotta pendant & beads which we made at our last session in a low flame for at least 15-20 mins. Thus calculate the preparation time of red hot coal and preheating process of the jewellery at the last 15-20 mins of  coal becomes red hot because the jewllery should be hot while we place it into the red hot coal.

Now check whether the coal turns red hot, when it is red hot and once the jewels become so hot, transfer it to the earthen pot containing red hot coal.While transferring the jewels make sure that the red hot coal is placed over the jewels, so that the jewelry would observe the heat from the red hot coal. Fan it at regular intervals to make the hot coal, so that the coal will be hot for a few hours. Now keep the terracotta jewels for at least 2-3 hours at red coal to have a better result. After 3 hours, you could notice the jewels tanned to a blackish shade. Now it is the time to take the jewelry out of the hot pot. Thus take the terracotta jewelry from the earthen pot. Now the terracotta jewelry, baking / firing process ends here.

terracotta jewellery baking step 1
Fire the earthen pot
terracotta jewellery baking step 2
Make red hot coal
terracotta jewellery baking step 3
Preheat the jewellery
terracotta jewellery baking step 4
Transfer it to the pot
terracotta jewellery baking step 5
Place hot coal over it
terracotta jewellery baking step 6
After 3 hours take it out















Now the Terracotta Jewellery Pendant & beads are ready for Painting………

terracotta baking

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Note: How to paint Terracotta pendant and beads will be published in the next post….

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  1. Is it necessary to bake or fire terracotta air dry clay?
    I want to make my sculpture strong enough because I have put in a lot of effort making it.. Plz help

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