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Pot paintings

Painting pottery

Painting  Pottery is a derivative art form of Ancient Greek Society. Because of its relative durability and attractiveness, this art form spreads around the world and got developed according to the world wide current trend. Terracotta Flower Vase Pot painting is an easy and inexpensive way to revamp your living room as well as an attentive way to personalize your place.
The best part of painting pots is coming up with the designs. We have drawn inspiration for our pots from people, objects, and places around us and we have recognized few design guidelines for our self, For instance we make dark color on the background in order to highlight our design.

One of our favorite designs at pot painting is painting the pot at the dark black color and paint a flowering green plant over it. And another design that we mostly admire was a dancing Indian lady with a pot in her hand. The designs are endless at pot painting; we can paint at our own creativity. Let’s See how to do pot painting

How to

Before you start prepare yourself with

Pot Paintings Materials needed
Pot Paintings Materials needed
  • A Clean terra-cotta pot
  • Fevicryl acrylic colours
  • A Medium Flat brush
  • A Point Brush

Start by cleaning the pot
Remove the dust around the terracotta pot by cleaning it with the white cloth, then scrub it with solve base paper and clean it again.

Step - 1 Clean the pot
Step – 1 Clean the pot

Next, apply the paint
Apply the Fevicryl acrylic colour  paint , here i took a SAP green color to have dark effect you may choose any other color as per your wish over the terracotta pot with a medium flat brush  So that it will spread evenly over the pot. Apply additional coats to have your desired color. You can also mix two colors to have a different look.

Step -2 Paint the Pot
Step -2 Paint the Pot

Then Allow it to dry ,  allow the pot to dry  for atleast 10 to 15 minutes, as it is an acrylic color it will dry soon. don’t place finger over it since it will give a impression over it thus wait for few minutes to dry.

Step 3 - Allow to dry
Step 3 – Allow to dry

 Next, make your design
Design your pot with the point brush using acrylic colours over the painted terracotta pot as per your desired design and then make fillings over it with the contrast  colors to make it more attractive until your desire designs is achieved. Allow the painted pot to dry for half an hour. then apply or spray the varnish in order to avoid the color to fade soon.

Step 4 - Design the pot
Step 4 – Design the pot


Now Beautiful Pot Painting is ready..

Pot Painting  making video is attached, watch it to have more clarity of making…


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