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Shape No 4 - Shaped Tear Drop

Paper Quilling Shape No 4 – Shaped Tear Drop / petal

In the last paper Quilling tutorials, we have learned three major paper Quilling shape such tight coil, loose coil and tear drop – the fourth shape of paper quilling is shaped tear drop,  Now Let see how making shaped tear drop, it is also called petal. It is very easy to make, for doing this we have to gather this following material.

Materials needed:

– Strips of paper (⅛ or ¼ inches wide) of varying colors
– A slotted Quilling tool,
– A drop of white glue and
– A toothpick

Paper Quilling Tutorial
Paper Quilling Tutorial


Now take a single strip of paper and slotted Quilling tool, and insert the strip of the paper into the Quilling tool, then turn the Quilling tool anti clockwise and roll it on till the end of the strip. While rolling up be careful that hold the paper strip tight with your thumb and index finger so that we can make the tight coil.
After doing the tight coil, do not paste it with the glue instead place in on the flat surface and make a loose coil and then paste the end of the strip with the help of the white glue and tooth pick.

After making the loose coil, now drag the center of the loose coil and make pinch at the corner of the loose coil and make a tear drop.

After making the teardrop, blend slightly the pinched end using the thumb and index finger to make a shaped tear drop / petal / curved tear drop.

This shape is very decorative so it can be used to make flower petal, greeting cards, 3D paper Quilling and so on

Watch this video below to make this Paper Quilling shape in an easy way..

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Happy paper Quilling…


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