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Peacock terracotta designs

DIY | Learn how to make Peacock Terracotta Jewellery Making Design pendant without mould

Hi all After a long break, now we have come up with the peacock terracotta jewellery making pendant tutorial, Peacock design is the most favorable design of everyone and every lady likes to wear these type of designs  to have an authentic look. Let us see how making this traditional peacock design terracotta jewellery in an easy way.

As usual, start the pendant by kneading the smoothing clay as we already told that by kneading so it will remove the moisture and it will give a smoothing effect to the pendant, Now press the clay by both your  palms to have an even surface of the clay, then place it over a flat surface and then roll it up with rolling pin or any other tool which will make the clay to have a flat even surfaced.

While rolling up the clay, please keep it mind that the thickness of the pendant depends upon the pressure you gave on rolling up, so please be careful while rolling the clay, Now Take round cutter or any other tool to cut the pendant shape here, we took a water bottle cap to cut the clay and if you want a bigger size pendant you can take a big size cutter since the size of the pendant is based on the size of the cutter so be choosey about the size.

Now take a one rupee coin and place it on the right side of the round shaped pendant, treat this coin as the body of the peacock and draw the impression over it and try to draw the head and nose  of the peacock using the carving tool and also try to draw the wings of the peacock as shown in the video below. Then take a small shaped round cutter and make an impression between the neck and wings and cut it and remove the unwanted clay. Based on the impression which we draw cut the shape of the peacock and remove the unwanted clay. Now we got a beautiful peacock shape. Now smoothen the clay by touching over the peacock shape pendant.

After making the beautiful peacock shaped pendant, give the impression over eyes, wings using the impression tools to have an attractive effect over the pendant. Now take the eye pins and cut it to the desired size and insert it to the head and wings of the pendant.
By inserting it so we can attach this pendant to the beads and we can make the garland. You can also leave this pendant as it is but to make it more attractive we attached smaller size clay beads to the wings by small pins. Now the Peacock Terracotta jewellery pendant is ready to dry. After 24 hours of drying, you can bake the terracotta jewelry and paint it , make garland and Then it will be ready to wear.

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