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Back Stitch

Simple embroidery stitches – Back Stitch

When you make your first attempt at embroidery, begin with a simple embroidery stitches –  back stitch. A basic back stitch is most often used as a straight outline stitch. this stitch also forms the base line for other decorative stitches. This stitch also gives a better idea about the colours to be used in the design.

Some of the back stitches are narrow; while others are broad according to the shape of the design. It is necessary to keep the line of the back stitch straight and uniform. If the stitches overlap one another, the design becomes stiff and the shape gets spoiled.

A back stitch is used to make stitching more durable.

Embroidery should be done in such a way that the different shades of one particular colour get mixed-up properly.

In hand embroidery this stitch is taken from the backside of the needle and is called a “back stitch.” A  back stitch embroidery looks flat and painted.


  1. First of all, take out the needle from the backside to the front side of the fabric.
  2. The needle must be moved a step backward before a step is taken forward along the stitch line.
    Back Stitch Steps
    Back Stitch Steps

    Bring the needle out at 1, insert at 2 and remove at 3; distance between 3 – 1 and   1-2 should be equal. Repeat the sequence for the next stitch. The needle entering at point 2 should go into the hole made by the thread emerging from point 1 of the previous stitch. Keep the length of back stitches consistent.

Note: Use  a 7 to 9 number needle for best results.


Bags, Pillow Covers, table covers, TV covers, etc. Look pretty with the back stitch embroidery.

Simple embroidery stitches– Back stitch making video is attached, watch it to have more clarity of making…

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